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Dawn, Dysg, Daioni Poster

Ethos, Values and Welfare

One of the greatest strengths of the school has always been its caring, open and happy ethos where pupils feel at home and enjoy their education in a totally Welsh environment. One of our main aims as a school is to make learning an exciting and pleasurable experience mainly by ensuring we use teaching and learning methods which are interesting and actively involve our pupils. Ysgol Y Creuddyn seeks to create an ethos and values which fosters the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. We would like to think that together we can create an atmosphere which means:

  • Positive and consistent discipline
  • A welcoming school
  • High attendance rate
  • Self respect
  • Respect for others

Welsh is the official language of the school.

The school has a primarily Welsh ethos and it seeks to foster, as naturally as possible a Welsh atmosphere, both in terms of language and culture. Our aim is to install pride in our pupils for being citizens of Wales and to understand and speak the Welsh language. They are expected to use Welsh as their main language of communication in the school. A very substantial proportion of the education is offered through the medium of Welsh, however the pupils’ proficiency in both languages is also ensured.

“Involvement in Welsh cultural and Welsh language activities such as the Urdd and Eisteddfodau are very important to the school.”


Dawn Dysg Daioni